Jesus declared, “When the Son of Man returns, will He find faith in the earth?”

This year we will be hosting a number of special guest speakers for the evening meetings. Rather than a single “keynote” speaker for the week, we are bringing back a number of evangelists from the past such as Jim Loomer, Steve Chase, Bryan Gantt, Michael Gantt and Michael McCosker as well as some newcomers, including Pastor Bruce Burks from Vernon Vermont.

We are asking each speaker to bring their favorite message to preach or to bring a message from the unique perspective of their greatest burden in ministry. We are believing that through the agency of the Holy Spirit each speaker will bring to us something from God’s Word that will challenge and inspire us; drawing from us the best of what God is doing in our lives.

We are also believing that once again as we gather at Old White River, God will bring His best as he meets with us on these hallowed grounds. For so many years, God has proven that this simple camping site holds a special place in His heart and for so many of us, White River Camp is a place of great memories, great joy, and great moments with God.

God always asks for our best. He doesn’t want second best. He won’t accept left-overs. He is not interested in receiving what we have no use for. As we approach our week of encampment, bring your best! Bring your best worship! Bring your best praise! Bring your best personal offering. Give Him the best of your heart, your time, your attention, and your deepest commitment.

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It’s a great time to be with God and friends. God’s love and grace is available for all, God is still speaking, and we are called to minister for peace and justice in the world. Come on along seeker and believer, certain and uncertain, new to faith or an old-timer. You are welcome here.You can link to the Audio Download Page to download mp3 files from all of the evening meetings as well as the daily adult Bible classes.

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Dawn Lee Dummond, 37 Libby Pines Road, Standish, ME 04084


White River exists as a place of refuge, where families of faith come together with other families of like precious faith where we can seek and be sought by a Living God and a Risen Lord.


White River Christian Camp is an evangelical retreat center with Advent Christian heritage since 1887. The camp is available for rent throughout the year (except for winter months) and is the site of our annual White River Camp Meeting which is conducted the first week of August every year.

For information on rentals please visit our Ground Rentals page.